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Friday, June 29, 2012

What A Womans House Says About Her

Have you ever wandered what your room/home says about you and your personality?  

Books: Books tell you a lot about a person. First of all, the fact that she has books is a sign that she's quite smart, many people these days do not read at all. Now ask yourself, are these serious work related books suggesting she's career driven, Harry Potter, she has a childish side that believes in magic still, factual and scientific or historical she may have a nerd streak, religious, telling you what her beliefs are, Austen she has a sense of romance and isn't ashamed of it, poetry, she's artistic and in touch with her emotions, action she might be a Tom Boy or something else.  At the same time you can learn something from her reading level.

Products: Women tend to use a wide range of products. Check to see what specific products she has too. This can help you out if you want to buy her some perfume or candles etc. 

Music: If eyes are the windows to the soul, then music may well be the door and finding someone with the same music taste as you is often a very good sign (though of course not crucial). Now if you are like me I love every type of music; modern pop, club music, mellow, and even opera. This means I am open to new things in life. 

Shoes: Women love shoes, so a huge collection of shoes is not unusual. Look to see if the shoes have lots of heels which makes us feel sexy, or are there mostly flats. Which mean she is practical and likely sensible, but also has style.

Tidiness: Women are as a rule tidier than men, but this isn't always the case. A messy room suggests someone who is either very laid back or very busy, or both. A tidy room, may mean that she is particular about how her life is ran, which can be a good and bad thing all at the same time.

Photographs: If a woman has a lot of photos of friends and family up then you again know that she's very sentimental. If she has lots of photos of herself then this might mean that she is quite vein, or it might just mean she likes herself. Pay attention also to what she's doing in the photos, does she seem to go out a lot? Go on lots of vacations? Does she have lots of male friends? If the latter is true then this might suggest an outgoing tom-boy-like personality but may be threatening for you as well. Does one person appear a lot in all the photos? Who is this?

Color scheme and decor: If the room is pink then you're looking at someone very feminine and perhaps a little young at heart. If the room is a more visually assaulting purple then she might still be quite young but perhaps a little 'cooler' in the traditional sense. More subtle colors are more mature and tell you less about her personality.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

How To Decorate Your Vanity

A vanity is a very sacred place for a woman. This is where we brush our hair out at night, and apply our make up in the morning. It is where we look at ourselves and admire what God has given us. On my vanity I have some of my favorite creams, nail polishes, and perfumes set neatly along with some red roses to give it a little more class. Here are some tips on how to decorate your very own vanity at home! 

Place a piece of vintage fabric or a scarf on top of the vanity table, which will add interest while protecting the surface. Pick a cloth made of a machine-washable fabric, such as cotton, in case make-up or lotion drips onto it. Choose a cloth featuring a featuring a feminine color like pastel pink or lavender and a floral-patterned design for a charming look.

Arrange eye-catching perfume bottles, such as cut-glass versions, on a tray and set it on the table. Choose a silver or gold tray featuring a mirrored base for an elegant style.

Place beauty essentials, such as cotton swabs and balls, tweezer and combs in vintage crystal canisters as a handy and decorative touch. Choose hand-painted ceramic canisters instead to give the space an artistic flair.

Decorate the table with a vase of flowers to infuse the room with color and natural fragrance. Fill a crystal or milk glass vase with pink roses or hydrangeas for a vintage-inspired look. Place red roses or yellow tulips in a sleek black glass vase for contemporary style.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How To Make Introductions

Have you noticed that many young people do not make introductions anymore? I thought this was common curtsey, where have our manners gone? If you are out with someone in public and you run into an acquaintance, you should always introduce the person you are with to the other person. Unless they are already know each other that you know of. Every greeting and introduction is a chance to show your respect for others and to create a favorable impression of yourself. So the most important thing is to do it-make a conscious effort to say "hello" even when you feel a bit grumpy or shy, and make introductions even if you aren't quite sure of the finer points of who is introduced to whom.    

 Tips for Making a Great Introduction
  • Look at the person you are speaking to first, then turn to the other person as you complete the introduction.
  • Speak clearly. Mumbling defeats the purpose of the introduction.
  • Use courteous language. “I’d like to introduce…,” “May I introduce…,” “I’d like you to meet…” are all good options. “May I present…” is the formal version.
  • Use preferred names and titles. 
    • In more formal situations, or when there’s an obvious age difference, it’s best to use courtesy titles and last names: “Mrs. Samson, I’d like you to meet Mr. Jacobs.” This lets Mrs. Sampson invite Mr. Jacobs to use her first name, or not.
    • Even in informal situations or with contemporaries, it’s helpful to use first and last names: “Judy, this is Sam Jacobs. Sam, this is Judy Samson.” You can use a nickname if you know the person prefers it.
  • Teach children to use adults’ titles, unless an adult specifically requests using his or her first name: “Mrs. Samson, this is my nephew, Benji Rose. Benji, this is Mrs. Samson.”
  • It’s fine to skip last names when introducing your spouse and children, unless they have a different last name than yours.
  • Introduce other family members by their full names, unless they request otherwise. It’s also a good idea to mention the family relationship: “Uncle Arthur, may I introduce Mark Weston. Mark, this is my great-uncle, Arthur Pearson.”

  • When introducing someone to a small group, it’s practical to name the group members first, primarily to get their attention: “Sara, Kathy, Dan, I’d like to introduce Curtis Tyler. Curtis, I’d like you to meet Sara Rocher, Kathy Henley, and Dan Quinn.”
  • Start a conversation.  Try to find some topic the two people have in common: “Sam, I think you and Jake share a passion for Italian wine. Jake might enjoy hearing about your wine tour in northern Italy.”

Here’s a handy chart of who might come first:

Speak to this person FIRST…

…and this person SECOND

Social Situations

Your grandparents, parents, or anyone older than you
Your contemporary (or younger)
Your friend
Another family member
An adult
A child
A woman
A man
Someone with a title: Senator, Mayor, Judge, Colonel, nobility, Bishop, Reverend, Professor, Doctor; anyone senior in rank to you (boss, CEO)
Your contemporary (or younger)
Your guest of honor
Others attending the event

Business Situations

A client
Anyone in your company, including your CEO
Your boss, or a higher-up
A person of lower rank in the company


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What Your It Bag Of Choice Says About You!

  I saw this article on and I had to share it! Enjoy!!
 Your eyes may well be the windows to your soul, but we believe your handbag reveals more about your personality than a staring contest ever could. In fact, your handbag is probably the one fashion item you consistently wear the most, and anything that you trust to shuttle all your daily necessities and to match all your outfits should be pretty darn distinctive. And in the world of accessories, there are a few carryalls that have reached icon status. We're highlighting six…and the personalities we think they reveal. So, tell us, which bag are you?

Illustrated by Isabelle Rancier

Monday, June 25, 2012

Am I The Only One That Still Writes In Cursive?

I have noticed a lot lately that it seems that I am the only one at my workplace that still writes in cursive, and I have quite a few people come up and ask me what it is that I wrote because they can not read it. I have found this really odd, and somewhat heart breaking to be honest. You may be wandering why it is heart breaking, but my reason is because it seems like a part of my history, or should I say American history is being erased? When I entered the fourth grade, I had a writing class that taught us the basics of writing in cursive. I felt so  sophisticated to write in this new writing form, but do they even teach cursive in school anymore? I love how the letters glide together so fast when writing in cursive, where as with print it seems to take longer for me to even write my name! Does that make sense to you?

 Many years ago handwritten communication was the only way for individuals to express themselves. So logically, good handwriting, and specifically the highly personalized, more intricate cursive format, was an important skill. Poor handwriting, like poor speaking, could make you look stupid, lazy or ignorant. But in this culture of apps and OMGs is, at best, up for debate. Just because we have spellcheck, we don’t stop teaching spelling. Spelling and grammar checks should be used as guides, not as the definitive on right and wrong. We all know the subtleties the spell check can miss. A few misspelled words or improper usage can make you look unprofessional at best or at worst, uneducated. Being able to write nicely isn’t something you can pick up easily later in life, just in case you decide maybe it is a skill worth having after all. And in this day and age, a handwritten note certainly will get someone’s attention, as it’s definitely not the norm anymore.

 While cursive isn’t exactly necessary for a fulfilled life, I hate to see it go entirely. Can’t we build a little time in for both learning cursive and keyboarding? Yes, I know all the standardized test preparations take up a lot of time, but that shouldn’t be an excuse. I have heard of plenty of schools no longer emphasizing cursive, but I haven’t heard of too many schools offering keyboarding in lower grades. And in lower grades, many teachers are already asking that papers and book reports be turned in typed. Both skills — cursive and keyboarding — are valuable assets for our children and worthy of taking the time to learn while they are young.

Friday, June 22, 2012

How To Get Ready For A Girl's Night Out!!

1. Invite the girls. Only invite the gal pals you know will make this occasion rock. Leave out anyone likely to spoil the night by acting spoiled or pining for their male counterpart. Send out the invitations with enough time to get back to you.  
  • Ensure that everyone has confirmed they're coming and that you have organised some form of transport.
  • Arrange for a designated driver. If someone is going to be driving, ensure that they won't drink.
2. Get prepared. To make sure that you're not rushing, start to get ready approximately 3 hours before you have arranged to go out. This doesn't mean you'll be full-on prepping but it does give you time to relax in between getting ready, allowing for a leisurely preparation time.

3.  Select your outfit. It should be something you're comfortable with because confidence is the sexiest accessory. Wear something that you can move in easily, that fits well and shows off your best self.
  •  If you like them, heels add an additional spark to an outfit. However, if you struggle to walk in heels, find lower heels or sexy low/flat shoes  
4.  Freshen up. Treat yourself to a luxurious bath before heading out. Use bath oils that refresh rather than relax though; you don't want to end up getting sleepy!

5.  Pamper your face. Apply moisturizer, preferably scented, to help feel pampered. Moisturizer will help make the makeup stay better throughout the night.

6. Have something to eat. It's best not to go out on an empty stomach, as this will make you feel the effects of alcohol quicker. Also, you may be tempted to overeat unhealthy foods if you're hungry. Have a light snack if you'll be eating later, or a meal if you're only going out for drinks and dancing.

7.  Now is the best time to apply make up. For a night out, it is best to focus on a certain feature. This might be: eyes with false eyelashes, smokey eyes or dramatic eyeliner, or focus on your lips using either gloss or bright lips.

8. Fix your hair. Decide on a style that will suit your outfit and where you're going. Either straighten, curl or create an interesting up-do. Also, make sure you're happy with the hairstyle, so that you won't be playing with it all night. Beauty is meant to be effortless!
  •  Avoid wearing your hair in too tight a style; it'll cause headaches and scalp pain.
  •  If it's going to be an active girl's night out, choose a style that won't fall out when moving.
9.  Get dressed and accessorize. Take your time and get the whole look just right.

10. Organise your bag. Remember these important things: ID, money, bank card (in case of emergencies), key, flat shoes to change into, mobile phone, essential makeup for any touch-ups and camera (or use the one with your phone). 

11. Arrange safety cover. Let someone trusted know that you and your friends are going out. Give this person a contact number and get theirs. Give them a tentative time for your return home and let them know that you might call them if you need any help. It is important that someone is aware of your movements and that they're prepared to help out if needed. Hopefully, they won't be needed at all but it's better to be safe than sorry. 
  •  It's also a good idea for all of you to organize a pre-arranged meet-up area should you get separated during the night. Exchange phone numbers for those of you with mobiles and promise to text one another if you get separated and to go straight to this pre-arranged spot to regroup.
  •  Another thing to do is to organize a secret signal to help each other out if any one of you needs to get away from someone coming on too strong or who is boring. Have a keyword or special phrase that will let the rest of you know to come to the rescue. And regardless of this, you should all keep an eye out for one another during the night.
12.  Invite all the guests round and have a few drinks before going, chat and play music to get you all in the mood. Then head out for a fantastic night out with everyone ready for fun.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Make-Up Brushes You Must Have!!

Please do not tell me your one of those ladies that use brushes that come with your make-up container! If so, please stop and read this!! The only time I use a brush that comes with the container is when I am using my eyeshadow to pat the eyeliner in on my water line of my eye, and that is it, period! Here are 7 brushes that every woman needs in her make-up kit!

1. Foundation Brush. Most people apply foundation with their fingertips or a sponge, and although there is nothing wrong with that, a foundation brush gives a totally flawless finish with no streaks or lines. Also, it actually saves on product because a sponge tends to absorb most of the foundation you put on it. A foundation brush is flat with long bristles that are soft too the touch. If it feels coarse, don’t buy it—it’s not a high quality brush. To apply, simply pour a bit of product on the back of your hand, dip the brush into it, and apply on your face. Gives a smooth, perfect finish.

2. Powder Brush. A powder is large and fluffy and is used to apply face powder as a finishing touch to your make up look. It gives a more natural finish then a sponge or powder puff. To use, swirl the brush in your loose powder or compact, tap excess product off, and apply on face. Make sure you invest in one made with natural material such as sable, goat or badger.
 3. Highlighting & Bronzer Brush. Used to apply bronzer and highlighter, this brush looks like a smaller powder brush. Apply bronzer to your cheekbones first and then blush only to the apples of your cheeks. Blend the bronzer and blush together well for a natural looking glow.  I have two of these brushes and I use one for the all over highlighter that I have.

 4. Eye Shadow Brush. An eye shadow brush has short bristles and is used for applying shadow on the eye lid up to the brow bone. I love Sonja Kashuk's medium eye shadow brush!
 5. Blending Brush. This is used to blend eye shadow to eliminate streaks and division lines between colors. This brush is crucial because the worst you can do is go out with unblended makeup. It has a rounded tip and soft fibers and can be used to blend colors as well as soften eye shadow applied on the crease.
 6. Blush Brush. They resemble smallish powder brushes with either a sloped or rounded tip. Great for applying blush or bronzer to cheeks.
 7. Eyebrow Brush. Not as stiff as an eyebrow brush, eyeshadow brushes have square heads used to evenly apply both powder and cream shadows to eyelids. I reach for this brush so often that I might as well have it permanently attached to my hand! Expect to use these a lot.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Setting Up A Bar!

There are no rules when it comes to stocking a bar. Follow your preferences and those of your most frequent guests. Stock your bar with the following items, and you should be able to handle any occasion.


Blended whiskey
Liqueurs (coffee, orange, and herbal)
Sherry (dry and sweet)
Sour mash whiskey
Vermouth (dry and sweet)
Wine (red, white, and sparkling)


Club soda
Fruit juice
Soft drinks
Sparkling and still waters (flavored and plain)
Tomato or seasoned vegetable juice
Tonic water

Garnishes and Flavorings

Bitters, for old-fashioneds
Citrus (lemon, lime, and orange) whole, slices, wedges, or peels
Coarse salt, for margaritas
Cocktail onions, for Gibsons
Cream of coconut, for piña coladas
Hot-pepper sauce, for Bloody Marys
Ice (preferably coarsely crushed)
Maraschino cherries, for Manhattans and old-fashioneds
Olives, for martinis
Simple syrup, for sweet cocktails and punches
Worcestershire, for Bloody Marys


Bottle opener
Citrus squeezer
Cocktail napkins
Cocktail shaker or pitcher
Cutting board
Dish towel
Drink stirrers
Ice bucket
Paring knife, for fruit peels

Bar needs vary greatly according to the party's size and budget. The general rule is 1 1/2 ounces (1 jigger) hard liquor and 3 or 4 ounces of wine equal 1 cocktail serving. Most liquor stores allow returns of unopened bottles providing that the wine has not been refrigerated. Every bar should have a supply of soft drinks, bottled water, and fruit and vegetable juices.
If you are serving only wine, offer red, white, and perhaps even sparkling. If wine is part of a more complete bar setup, white wine is the most commonly requested. Don't serve red wine if you are concerned about spills.
For a meal, tradition says that white wine goes with white meats, fish, and seafood; that red wine accompanies meats and richly sauced dishes; and that blush and sparkling wines go with anything. Today, the rules are less strict. The best guide is your own taste.

  • In general, light wines, both white and red, best complement light and delicate foods. Bolder wines of both colors stand up better to richer, more assertive foods.

  • Red wines are generally best when uncorked and allowed to "breathe" for about 15 minutes before serving at room temperature.

  • Liqueurs are usually served after dinner. Brandy and cognac are the most common types. Fruit, coffee, and herbal flavors are also popular. The best-quality liqueurs can be expensive but have almost unlimited shelf life.

  • Bar Tips

  • If possible, chill cocktail and beer glasses ahead of time.

  • Handle glasses by the stem to avoid leaving finger marks and warming the contents.

  • Add carbonated beverages at the last minute, even to punches.

  • To avoid spills, don't fill glasses to the brim.

  • Keep a kitchen towel handy; making drinks can be messy.

  • Don't over serve.

  • Never allow an inebriated guest to drive.

  • Tuesday, June 19, 2012

    The 10 Jewelry Staples That Every Woman Should Have

    I am loving all the new jewelry designs that are coming out recently, aren't you? Yet, I still love my simple "staple" pieces that I have. You can never go wrong with a pair of diamond studs, or a pearl necklace. I believe these 10 items that I am going to list, are pieces that every woman should own. Because they're versatile and go with the rest of your wardrobe - securing these essentials can help you save a lot of time and money.

    1. Diamond Stud Earrings. These work whenever, wherever, for whoever-from day to night, for work, school, and special occasions. The ideal stud size is 0.25ct which is big enough to add that subtle pretty sparkle to your outfit without looking like too much. But if you're going for a high-class fashionista, you can always go bigger with a 1 or 2 carat and really get your message across!
    2. Diamond Pendant Necklace. You want to be able to wear it for day and night, as well as various other occasions. Make sure to select a smaller diamond to avoid drawing to much attention. Choose simple and versatile pendant shapes such solitaire, marquise or cube.
     3. Pearl Stud Earrings. A pair of pearl stud earrings are pretty but not too flashy, and are excellent with all outfits and occasions. Great for office work, school, visiting your in-laws and so on. Secure your first pair in a size that doesn't extend past your earlobes. Large pearls tend to make a fashion statement, you need stud earrings that are neutral.
    Get the pearls in your best light neutrals. So if you have a cool skin tone, go for pure white, rose pink and/or silver. If you have a warm skin tone, opt for ivory, cream, browns and gold.
     4. Pearl String Necklace. Pearl necklaces complements your pearl stud earrings and are a must for a classy lady! Make sure you pick a length that won't choke your neck making it look shorter. It's of course ideal if you have a long neck but it's not that versatile. The ideal pearl necklace length falls between your collarbone and right above your bust.
     5. Hoop Earrings. Hoop earrings are versatile but are some of the stylish jewelry essential you can ever own. They add that extra spiff of stylishness that work with almost any outfit. The best and most ideal size is between 1 to 2 inches, depending on your facial shape. They're not too small nor big. You might also want to make sure to select a pair that are scaled to your facial features. Thinner and smaller if you have small facial features, and vice versa if you have average to large features.
    6. Chandelier Earrings. You need at least one pair of dangle earrings that boosts the glam-factor of a cocktail dress! A pair of chandelier earrings are perfect for this and are suitable for various special occasions. Anytime you want to look and feel glamorous! Make sure your first pair of chandelier earrings are in either neutral silver or gold. Preferably with clear crystal embellishment.
    7. Chain Bracelet. A simple chain bracelet is a great accent to any outfit. You can also wear it in stacks with your casual leather and bead bracelets, creating an ultra chic style. I love my Tiffany's bracelet! 
    8. Statement Necklace. A fashionista needs at least one good statement necklace that brings a boring dress shirt or tee to life! Think large chains, gemstone beads, colors, multiple layers and so on. But it's completely up to your personal style. The point with a statement necklace is that it should contrast with a plain top. 
    9. Cocktail Ring. An elegant and versatile cocktail ring is a must have for any occasion! I love big rings, with a lot of bling, some people (like my mother,) who think my rings look gaudy, but to me the bigger the better!!
    10. Nice Watch. I absolutely love watches, and the same concept is THE BIGGER THE BETTER! I have many watches, small, medium, large, and x-large! I love the sheek look of the metal Rolex watch, and the manly look of my Bolivia watch, or my newest addition is my DKNY ceramic watch! Watches always accentuate your personal style! 

    Monday, June 18, 2012

    Every Woman Should Have A Night Routine...Here's Mine!

    As I have gotten older, I have realized you have to take better care of your skin than you did in your younger days. Eye, face, and cuticle creams are all a part of my nightly routines now. I thought by now at my age, I wouldn't have the occasional break out, but oh no! My T-line has became so much more oilier than I can ever remember it being. I have figured out after many year of trying this or that new cream, what works for me. I am not saying these products that I use will work for you, but I am saying that we all need a nightly routine!

    About an hour before I go to bed, I start my routine. Now somedays I wear make-up, others I do not. But either way, I always wash my face. If I do wear make-up I begin by washing my face with Cetaphil daily cleanser, then to wash off my eye make-up I use a product called Albolene. It really helps to take off the water proof mascara. After all my make-up has been washed off I then use my Olay Pro X facial cleansing brush along with the Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser, this takes off what was left behind on my face after washing, plus it removes the dead skin an gets deep into my pores.  If I didn't wear make-up that day, I use Este Lauders Perfectly Clean facial wash along with the Pro X brush.
    After washing my face I floss my teeth, which is a very important process that many people do not do. The I brush my teeth with Sensodyne Iso Active. I also take my other half of my daily medication at this time, which is allergy and Motrin. (Standing on your feet all day kills my legs!)
         I always use a toner after I wash my face in the morning and at night. The one I use at night is a Glycolic Acid toner. When I first started using Glycolic Acid, my face really broke out, because it was purging my pores. After 2 weeks though my skin was fine. I use the tone on a cotton round, and I go all over my face avoiding my eyes. I also use it on my neck, ears, and neck. 
    I then use Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum on my under eyes, this has really helped with the dark circles that I had. It is also suppose to help with firming the skin on this part of your face. 
       I then use either Cliniques Moisture Surge or Olya's Regenerist Serum on the rest of my face and down my neck. A solution that goes beyond moisturisation to reveal smoother, firmer looking skin. Accelerates skin renewal while you sleep, revealing smoother skin when you wake. Improves hydration to help leave skin softer with improved skin barrier function. A ‘power-house’ of ingredients including Olay Regenerist’s signature penta-peptides, glycolic acid, humectants, anti-oxidants and skin soothers and conditioners.
    The I lather myself in lotion making sure to put extra on the rough spots. I really like Lubriderms Intense Skin Repair lotion, it doesn't have the best smell or one at all really, but it really helps with my skin. I use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream and cover my feet with socks. I brush my hair out and right before I turn off the lights a use Bert's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, which is by far the best cuticle cream I have ever found!

    Saturday, June 16, 2012

    Happy Weekend Dears!

    My father is the man on the left smiling!

    I hope that you all have great weekend! Don't forget tomorrow is Fathers Day, do something special for that special man in your lives!

    Friday, June 15, 2012

    50 Friday Tips For Every Modern Woman!

    This isn’t the same world that our mothers and grandmothers grew up in, and although some things never go out of style (like good manners), many things in the lives of women have drastically changed in the last half century.

    1. Open a bottle of champagne. Like this.

    2. Drink without getting a hangover the next morning. Tip: Line your stomach with bread, drink one glass of water for every glass of alcohol, and don’t drink more than three glasses of red wine.

    3. Look good in a photo. Tip: Turn your head slightly to one side rather than look the camera head-on; stand (or sit) straight with your shoulders back; arch your back ever so slightly; don’t press your arms against your body; unless you have a prominent chin, stick it out just a little to accentuate your jawline.

    4. Remove unwanted body hair the most effectively, painlessly, and affordable way possible for her.

    5. Dump someone gracefully. Tip: Do it in person, if possible; get to the point quickly, choose a time when the other person isn’t expected somewhere any time soon (like work… or a wedding); give a reasonable explanation; answer whatever questions he or she may ask.

    6. Write a sincere thank you note. Here's a great how to.

    7. Set a lovely table, no matter how casual the meal is. Here are tips for setting a pretty table for a variety of occasions.

    8. Wrap a gift anyone would be excited to open. Here's a great how to.

    9. Find someone’s bridal/wedding/baby shower registry online. Tip: go to and type in honoree’s name. You’ll find registries for a variety of stores. Do a “find a registry” search on Amazon, too. Here.

    10. Send a BCC group email.

    11. Dress for her body type.

    12. Graciously offer assistance to someone in need.

    13. Book a vacation.

    14. Hide a bad hair day.

    15. Find the best deal. Tip: For big ticket items, always, always, always compare prices online. Then, do a “coupon” search and see if you can find a coupon code to save you even more money. Sites like RetailMeNot, CouponCabin, and Bargainist are great places to find great deals online.

    16. Write a amazing cover letter.

    17. Hold a baby.

    18. Make at least one great cocktail. Here’s an excellent recipe for a Wallaby-Darned, one of my favorites. Here.

    19. Start a conversation. Tip: ask people questions about themselves, like where they grew up, how they met their significant other, or how they know the host.

    20. End a conversation. Tip: If you’re at a party, excuse yourself to the bathroom, pretend like you just saw someone you need to say hi to, or excuse yourself to call the babysitter. Saying you’re going to get a refill doesn’t work as well because the person could follow you or ask you get him or her a refill, too.

    21. Pack everything she needs for a weekend getaway in one small bag. Here are some good tips. Here.
    22. Ask someone out. Tip: Don’t use ambiguous language like “hang out.” Have a specific activity and/or place in mind, even if it’s just coffee.

    23. Invest her money.

    24. Use Mapquest, Googlemaps, or some other 21st century version of direction-giving.

    25. Pack her purse with essentials: cash, ID, keys, phone, breath mints, chapstick or lipgloss, and a book, newspaper, or crossword puzzle to keep her occupied during a long wait or when she’s trying to avoid someone on the train.

    26. Prepare, order, or pay for a tasty and healthful dinner for herself and at least one guest.  Here's a recipe for one of the world’s easiest, healthiest — and tastiest — meals (pay special attention to #6).

    27. Edit, upload, and print photos.

    28. Perform the Heimlich, and CPR.

    29. Choose a ripe fruit. Here you go!

    30. Cook and carve a turkey.

    31. Google/Facebook her date.

    32. Negotiate a salary and/or pay raise. This is how men do it, and women need to start negotiating more like men. Try it!
    33. Bite her tongue when it’s appropriate to.

    34. Get a passport.

    35. Reserve a library book online.

    36. Leave (or find) Yelp reviews. Here
    37. Find the right bra.

    38. Welcome a new neighbor or co-worker. Tip: Make a point to introduce yourself and give one piece of friendly advice, like where the best place is to grab lunch.

    39. Get herself (and her partner) off.

    40. Assemble furniture.

    41. Figure out what to tip on a $27 bill.

    42. Look for a way out (of a relationship, a job, or a crowded music fest full of hipsters).

    43. Find a reputable repair person.

    44. Give a sincere (or, at least sincere-sounding) apology.

    45. When and how to say “no” firmly (but graciously when appropriate).

    46. Organize a small party or dinner for a loved one.

    47. Dry out her wet cell phone. Tip: turn it off and let it sit in a bowl or bag of rice overnight).

    48. Change a tire, and check the oil (or find someone who can do it for her).

    49. Give herself a breast exam. Like this.

    50. Ask for help when she needs it.

    Thursday, June 14, 2012

    Which Sunglass Shape Works Best For You?

    With the sun beating down on us everyday, we all need something to shade our eyes with. Of course some people not only wear sunglasses during the day, but at night also. I'm not sure why; other than they think that when your cool, the sun always hits you or something, but that's another topic for another day. I have noticed that some people just pick up a pair of sunglasses from their local Wal-Mart or gas station without even trying them on and seeing if they look good in them. I understand that some people don't really care, but believe me you should. Some of you look ridiculous, with your very large frames on your very tiny face. To make it worse, you usually do the "duck face" while wearing these and you decide to take a picture and put it on Facebook. For everyone's sake, PLEASE STOP DOING THIS!

    With this public service announcement, I decided to take a moment and give you all some advice about which sunglasses shape to choose for your face shape. First lets choose your face shape:
    I have a round face, which means I have an equal width and length and is characterized by soft curves with few angles, if any. As a general rule, a balanced face looks best, so people with rounder faces should select angular frames to help sharpen and add definition. Angular frames with rectangular or geometric shapes create balance and add definition to a round face. Rectangular styles make a round face look slimmer. Frames that are more horizontal than they are vertical make round faces appear longer and thinner.

     Oval shapes are the easiest shape to fit. An oval-shaped face is characterized by balanced proportions, a narrow forehead and jaw line, a chin that is slightly narrower than the forehead, and typically high cheekbones. The balanced proportions of the oval face means they can wear just about any frame shape. Experiment with a variety of frame shapes to find the perfect look for yourself!

    Square shapes are usually proportional in length and width. They are characterized by a strong, prominent jaw line, square chin and broad, deep forehead. Because square faces are so angular, try round or oval glasses to soften and add contrast to the face. Round frames are perfect for creating curves and softening square or angular faces. Frames should be more horizontal than vertical also. Gently curved oval frames help minimize angles and lengthen a square face.

    The last shape is the heart shaped face. A heart-shaped face is characterized by a wide forehead, narrower jaw line, high cheekbones and a narrow chin. Because heart-shaped faces can be a bit more challenging to fit, it's important to have fun and experiment with a variety of frame shapes to find the perfect look. Of course, personal style and expression triumphs over all. Some frames can exaggerate the widest point of a heart-shaped face, so try to avoid frames that are decorative at the top or that are wider at the top than the bottom.

    Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    @}-The Season Of Love Is In Full Bloom-{@

    As we all know wedding season is in full bloom, and I wanted to give the full figured brides and bridesmaids out there some hints about choosing the perfect dress for your special occasion. Unlike our slender counterparts, it is hard to find a dress that makes us look and feel amazing. It seems that the fashion industry really just wants us to (A.) Go away, and (B.) Only wear a moo mo. I have thought about what I would want my wedding to be like ever since I was a very young girl, and the color white has NO PART OF IT! The color white is a very unforgiving color on me, so I have always wanted to go with a champagne color for my dress. The style though is something that has had me stumped. So first you need to figure out what type of body shape that you have. 

      I am a Apple shape myself, which means that I carry most of my weight in my middle section of my body. I have found there are about 4 different dress styles that look good on my figure. First is the "V Neck," it draws attention away my shoulders and towards my bustline. Most of the time women with a Apple shaped body have shapely busts, so be sure to wear a really well fitted bra that will show off your busts to the best advantage. I suggest getting measured to make sure you get the correct size, most stores will do this for you if you ask!

     The second style is The Empire Waistline. These dresses will emphasize the bust, since we want to draw attention away from our midsection. The dress will fall in a straight line from the bust to hide the midsection, and have a slimming effect. 

    Third would be dresses with full skirts, also know as the A Line. The key with a full skirt is to make sure that it isn't to loose or they will look baggy. Choose a dress with the skirt that is tight enough to give your figure a shapely appearance, but that is loose enough so that the fabric isn't skin tight. If it is to tight it will make you look much larger, and that is exactly the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

    The fourth and final style is a dress that is a solid color, or one with a small print. (This is mainly for bridesmaids dresses!) I do not look good in bright colored, or large prints that are multicolor. Darker colors help slim my figure, such as black, burgundy, royal purple, and navy blue. Soft pastel colors though can also have a slimming effect. I prefer not to show my lower legs, so when I find long flowing dresses that are pastel I have to try them on! 

    Now brides this part is for you only. When you are choosing your bridesmaids dresses keep everyone's body in mind. What will look great on one woman, will not look good on another. So with that in mind, why not pick a color and material that your want the dresses to be, but allow the women pick their dresses out? This has become a popular idea lately. Before it was that everyone wear the same exact dress and most of the time you had pictures like this...

     Instead of something great like this...